High school students connect with UOW

Covid-19 and lockdown has brought many challenges to the higher education system, including engaging high schools students with university courses, in particular science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM).

While STEM expertise is acknowledged as highly in-demand by industry, some students find it hard to connect with these subjects either due to gender bias or disadvantaged backgrounds.

To overcome these barriers In2Uni, UOW’s Outreach and Pathways unit, introduces STEM to young people through workshops and interactive displays. But recent lock-down has required a shift in thinking for the unit.

“Once the reality of Coronavirus settled in, we had to really think about how we were going to continue our important work,” Widening Participation Team Leader James Terry said.

“It was a natural partnership opportunity when the Smith Family approached our team to collaborate on this initiative, as the charity’s main focus is empowering young people.”

The Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences ran virtual STEM related workshops for The Smith Family scholarship holders.

“Connecting with young people is more important than ever during these uncertain times, and providing them with these opportunities to enable their awareness and inform their future decision making ensures a positive outcome for all,” Mr Terry said.

Find out more about In2Uni here