In September 2016, UOW’s SMART Infrastructure Facility, in conjunction with global partners University of Oxford, University College London, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands, and Virginia Tech, USA, will bring the International Symposium for Next Generation Infrastructure (ISNGI) to Wollongong.

ISNGI brings together innovators, practitioners, academics and policy-makers to share new knowledge, to propose best practice principles and to mentor the next generation of experts, who will design, implement and manage future infrastructure systems around the world.

The ISNGI host partners will be welcoming Wienke Giezeman, Initiator of global system, The Things Network, from The Netherlands as a keynote speaker. The Things Network creates abundant data connectivity, so applications and businesses can flourish. Wienke is on a mission to provide the entire world with a free and open Internet of Things data network.

Wienke will join with other speakers in addressing the Grand Challenge is “Beyond Utopia: Designing Infrastructure Systems as Collective Agents of Social Change”. With the support of UOW’s Sustainable Buildings Research Centre, conference attendees have the opportunity to win a stay in the award-winning Illawarra Flame House at UOW’s Innovation Campus during the course of the conference.

Conference organisers are also accepting submissions for best practice case studies, to be reviewed by a panel of industry experts at the event.

For more information about the event, and to purchase tickets, visit the ISNGI website.