A group of five Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences (EIS) Computer Science/BIT students will be heading to INTI Malaysia on Jan 3rd 2019 for a four-week study tour.

The study tour is part of a joint NCP funded mobility program developed by Sim Lau (EIS/SCIT) and Shamika Almeida and Jorge Perez of Faculty of Business.

A total of 10 students will attend the study tour, five from EIS and five from the Faculty of Business.  Each student received a grant of AU$3K to cover expenses.

EIS students will work on a real-world project for industry partner MIMOS (National Applied R&D Centre) for 4 weeks, presenting to partner representatives and senior INTI academic staff at the completion of the project.  MIMOS will provide working space at their office so the students have the opportunity to work on the project in an operational business environment.

Students will also be joining students for a community service subject run at INTI where they will volunteer their time to help with locally run projects;  they will also visit places of interest including Penang and Malacca.  EIS Supervising academic Sim Lau will join the students for the first week to support them during the initial phase.