SMART Infrastructure Facility is currently hosting an internship student from engineering school INSA Toulouse, in France’s south.

Simon Belieres, who is about to commence his fifth year of tertiary study, has joined Dr Michelle Dunbar for three months, working with her on her research into vehicular routing of drop point networks.

Specialising in applied mathematics and numerical modelling, Simon is required by his course to complete a 12 week internship abroad; a connection with SMART’s Research Director Dr Pascal Perez motivated Simon to select Wollongong as his destination of choice.

Simon, who said he is “really enjoying” his time at SMART, said he is hoping to continue working in the research field when he graduates at the end of his next year. To assist with this, Simon will also be completing a Masters of Research during his final year of study.

“I am getting my foot in the door of the research world and learning an enormous amount,” explained Simon of his time at SMART, who said the innovative work being undertaken at the facility has buoyed his ambition to explore international engineering issues.

Simon hopes to follow his degree with a PhD in operational research, thus making his current internship a perfect stepping stone to his career ambitions.