The event was organised by Dr Moeava Tehei and Dr Stéphanie Corde from the Centre for Medical Radiation Physics (CMRP) and the Prince of Wales Hospital (POWH), respectively.

Innovation in Radiation Applications 2017 aimed at unifying the diverse scientific communities working with radiations.

It was a great pleasure to welcome our keynote speakers, namely Professor Michael Jackson from POWH, who gave us an update of Particles Therapy projects around Australia, and Dr Géraldine Le Duc from NH TherAguix (France) who presented 10 years of research and development performed on the nanoparticle AGuIX®, currently on phase I clinical trials in France. Several internationally renowned speakers have kindly accepted our invitations to present their work in one of our themed sessions: Dr Benjamin Blyth from PeterMac (Radiobiology), Dr Marie-Claude Grégoire from ANSTO (Radioisotopes-labelling), Dr Daniel Hausermann from the Australian Synchrotron, Dr Stewart Ryan from The University of Melbourne and Dr Géraldine Le Duc from NH TherAGuIX (New concepts-medical application of synchrotron), Dr Susanna Guatelli from CMRP (Monte-Carlo modelling), Dr Ulf Garbe from ANSTO and Dr Ilana Feain for the University of Sydney (New imaging modalities), , Prof Marcus Stoodley from the Macquarie university (Targeted biological and molecular therapy), Dr Ivan Williams from Arpansa (Quality assurance-radiation safety), and Prof Michael Jackson from POWH (Hyperthermia).

More than 60 abstracts were submitted by scientists from local, interstate and also international institutes (including Malaysia, Korea, France). The scientific program included 2.5 days of both oral and poster presentations from experienced scientists, mid-career researchers and an important contribution from students. The social program included a true Aussie welcome with a BBQ on the 1st night and then the conference dinner at Level One, Harbourfront Wollongong, on the 2nd night where our guests had the opportunity to not only enjoy a beautiful dinner with an amazing view in good company but also test their general knowledge with an extremely entertaining Trivia.

Check out some photos from the event (click on the images to view the entire album):


Awards sponsored by Gamma Gurus were distributed to James Archer (CMRP), for Best poster presentation, Mitchell Klenner (ANSTO and Curtin University) and Elette Engels (CMRP) for Student co-Best oral presentations, and Lucinda McRobb (Macquarie University) for best early career researcher oral presentation. Congratulations to all!

According to our keynote speaker Dr Géraldine Le Duc, who came to Australia for the first time for this occasion, ‘the welcome was warm and the conference was both very professional and relaxing in a magnificent University’.

The event for endorsed by the Australasian College of Physical scientists and Engineers in Medicine as a Continuous Professional Development activity. We gratefully acknowledge the support of Distinguished Professor Anatoly Rosenfeld, Associate Professor Michael Lerch and Dr Susanna Guatelli at the CMRP and the financial support of our sponsors: Prince of Wales Hospital, the UOW school of physics, AINSE, Elekta, Gamma Gurus, Radiation Saunders and AlphaXRT. We also are thankful to Kathy Lyon, Julianne Street, Karen Ford for their generous help prior the event and also Elette Engels, Nan Li, Peter Lazarakis, Sianne Oktaria and many other CMRP students who will recognize themselves for their tremendous help during the event.

Read a write up from ANSTO on Mitchell Klenner, the winner of the industry-sponsored award at IRA 2017 for his work on a new method of producing PET radiotracers; one of two awards for the investigation.

To see any information regarding the proceeding of the event, please visit the post event page.