Student Mentor Program

Remote learning means first year students are required to be even more self-directed within their studies.

There is a real risk of feeling isolated, but to combat that risk, the EIS outreach team are seeking third and fourth year students to mentor first year students.

Student mentors will work to foster connections with their peers and offer proactive support for struggling students .

The Program Coordinators will provide resources, templates and guidelines for student mentors to use with their students. It will not be defined how each mentor decides to work with their students, but weekly check-ins and other parameters will be set to ensure they are connecting with their students. The program is UOWx recognised, and student mentors will commit one-two hours each week to connect with their students.

The mentoring program will encourage:

  • Peer to Peer support, allowing students to ask questions they may be uncomfortable asking of an academic staff member
  • Senior students have the opportunity to develop their soft skills that will contribute to their overall tertiary education experience
  • Building and connecting the EIS community during a period where students have less opportunity to connect due to social distancing and remote learning arrangements

If you know of a student who would be an ideal mentor, please apply now. If any questions, please ask them to contact either Kinne Ring or Katie Roberts