Suk-Chun Moon was awarded the Hunt-Kelly Outstanding Paper Award – Second Place for his paper titled: “The Peritectic Phase Transition of Steel During the Initial Stages of Solidification in the Mold”, co-authored by Rian Dippenaar and Seong-Yeon Kim (from POSCO, South Korea)

Suk Chun Moon, second from left

This award is presented to the authors of the Association’s best published paper in the previous year and the paper was nominated for this award as the recipient of the 2017 Richard J. Fruehan Award from the AIST Metallurgy – Processing, Products & Applications Technology Committee.

Suk-Chun received the award at the AIST President’s Award Breakfast on Tuesday, 9 May 2017 in Nashville, Tenn., USA. 1200 attendees attended the breakfast at AISTech 2017, the largest annual technological forum of the global steel industry

Suk-Chun’s paper is based on his PhD research. High-temperature laser-scanning confocal microscopy was conducted at the UoW, simulated continuous casting studies at the University of Leoben, mould simulations at the POSCO research labs in South Korea and in-plant studies at the Gwangyang Works of POSCO.

The research project was partially funded by a contract research grant with POSCO (The fourth largest steel producer in the world)