I attended the International Conference on Green Technologies for Sustainable Water which was held in Hanoi, Vietnam from 13 – 16th October 2017. The conference covered all aspects related to water including water supply, wastewater purification and water recycling, nanotechnology for water treatment, water resources management and resource recovery from wastewater. These topics are directly related to my research areas which are wastewater treatment and resource recovery from wastewater. In the past, I have worked with latex processing wastewater and I am currently working on energy recovery from sewage sludge through anaerobic co-digestion.

I found the most informative presentation was “Circular economy concepts on microalgae-based wastewater treatment” by Professor Jo-Shu Chang from Taiwan. It was interesting to learn how all the resources can be used with their maximum value and then recovered and regenerated for the next cycle. The most inspiring speaker was Prof. Ramaraj Boopathy from the USA with his talk about bioremediation of shrimp aquaculture wastewater using sequencing batch reactor. Besides gaining more knowledge on my research area, I also learnt a lot about conventional and emerging technologies for wastewater treatment such as oil production by microalga on seawater and industrial effluents or membrane bioreactor using forward osmosis membrane. Another research theme that caught my attention was the development of new assays for detection and monitoring of hazardous contaminants such as antidepressant pharmaceuticals in wastewater.

The conference has provided me the chance to meet and collaborate with other researchers in my field and to present my research as well. It was my first time giving a presentation in such a big conference and unexpectedly, I have won the Best Oral Presentation Award. I feel really happy and I see the award as an encouragement for me to continue working hard on my research.