SMART Infrastructure Faculty’s has been awarded one of a small number of grants by the Open Data Institute (ODI) in London as part of its ODI Showcase series.

The ODI Showcase supports projects that demonstrate how open data can be used to bring longstanding benefits to individuals, organisations and society, providing funding, mentoring and promotional support to maximise these impacts.7

For, the funding will be used to produce a short video explaining how the project works, and why open data has been critical to its success. “This could be a template for cities around the world, helping them to become more resilient to extreme weather events, so explaining how the system works and why open data is key is really important,” said Dr Tomas Holderness, Co-Chief Investigator of the project.

Led by SMART’s Open Source Geospatial Laboratory and launched in 2014, the project is an open source flood map for the city of Jakarta, Indonesia, which experiences severe flooding on an annual basis.

The map combines citizen reporting, social media, government flood alerts, and sensor data to provide information for residents and government in real-time during flooding.

“This is award is great recognition of our research and our innovative use of open data for solving real-world engineering challenges. We’re really excited at the prospect of working with the ODI to Showcase the project,” said Dr Holderness.

Professor Pascal Perez, Director, SMART Infrastructure Facility, said the award further demonstrates SMART’s position as an international leader in infrastructure research. “Following the pilot program over the summer of 2014/2015, we launched PetaJakarta 2.0 in December last year. The ODI Showcase award is evidence that the project is continuing to revolutionise the application of open data.”

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