On July 10th-13th Yr 6-10 Girl Guides from across NSW participated in a Girl Guides STEM camp focused on “Sustainability”. The Guides took part in STEM activities across UOW Main Campus and Innovation Campus aimed at encouraging curiosity for processes and solutions, and involving local industry to showcase careers in STEM.

We asked Girl Guide participant Danielle Peters to share her thoughts:
  1. Why did you want to attend the camp?

I wanted to attend this camp because I love science and I wanted to extend my knowledge on sustainability and the world we live in. I also wanted to work with others to discuss ideas and come out with a product which would potentially help millions.

  1. What did you expect from the camp prior to participating? 

I had no idea what STEM was and the amount of job opportunities that where available in STEM. 

I had lots of prior knowledge of sustainability because for the past year in geography we have been learning about changing places (making the earth and buildings more sustainable, urban sprawl, population ect.), bio-mes and how they thrive and how people are endangering them and also the whole idea on sustainability.

I thought that the camp would be pretty boring, but that changed- I loved the activities and the people where so into their studies and so passionate about them it made the whole experience a lot better. I also loved the different subjects we got to experience.

  1. What did you learn through participating in the UOW camp activities at?

I learnt about all the job opportunities in STEM and not to be worried if I don’t know what I want to do. I also learnt about Uni and how the system works as there is more independence in what 

you do. I learnt from the Illawarra Flame House that to build it they used people from all over UOW and even outside, not just the people who work in that particular course.

  1. How did your understanding on STEM and sustainability grow through the camp? 

I learnt that sustainability can come in many different forms. I didn’t know that having good sanitation was apart of sustainability and this whole subject. I also got a clearer idea of what living sustainability looks like. I understood more that you need science, technology, engineering and maths all need each other when you are studying STEM.

  1. Has this experience impacted your ideas on what you want to do in the future? 

It has, I think having a clearer understanding of how Uni works, especially in the STEM area I can find what I want to study more easily. This experience has also made me more interested in STEM because of all the different study paths there are and all the different chances you can have.

UOW will be hosting its annual January STEM Camp for Girls for school students entering into Yr 10 and 11 in 2018. Entries are now open, with the early bird offer closing on 30 September 2017.