Karim Belayati

SMART has proved to be an attractive destination for two French engineering students, who are spending their summer internships at the facility.

Karim Belayati was born in Morocco, before to France to specialise in mathematics and computer sciences at INSA (Institut National Des Science Appliques) at Toulouse.

While at SMART, he will be working with Dr Johan Barthelemy using the rich information source provided by the 500 million daily tweets posted to Twitter to provide a range of qualitative information.

Using a streaming API, his job is to collect geo-tagged tweets and provide data visualisation for what information they provide.

‘The idea is to create an application for a user so we can – for example – look at tweets about traffic,’ Karim said.

‘We can look at them by location, over time and whether their sentiment is positive or negative.’

The information can be tailored both by subject and location, and the uses are wide –including commerce, politics and governance.

Clément Grodecoeur

Also at SMART over the European summer is Clément Grodecoeur, a third-year engineering student from Polytech in Tours.

Specialising in infomatics and computer science, Clément is working with Dr Rohan Wickramasuriya to develop a program that will automatically place roads in the map of a housing subdivision.

‘Working in a research centre such as SMART is great background to have when I apply for a job later,’ Clément said.

In time, the application will also be able to automatically create an entire subdivision – both houses and roads – which can then be altered as necessary.