Dr George Grozev comes to SMART as an Honorary Fellow after working for almost two decades in the field of infrastructure modelling, simulation and optimisation.

A former principal research scientist at the CSIRO, Dr Grozev has developed a number of models of infrastructure involving telecommunications, gas and electricity.

The integration of renewables into the national grid, particularly in Victoria and South Australia where millions of dollars is to be spent on batteries, has hit national headlines.

‘’The whole energy sector – including electricity and gas, and even transport, is in a transition at the moment,’’ Dr Grozev said.

‘’There are many challenges, so I hope my experience will help inform the decision-making about future pathways.’’

Dr Grozev gained his doctorate in the field of optimisation of networks and graphs at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

Since then, he has had a long career working in software engineering, as a systems specialist and research scientist.

Since moving to Australian in 1992, he has worked for a small consultancy company, Melbourne University, Siemens and for the CSIRO in the last 17 years as a research scientist.

After a recent visit to SMART, Dr Grozev said he was impressed both by the physical environment, but also by the research culture at the facility.

‘’I already knew [SMART Director] Prof Pascal Perez, Peter Campbell and Matthew Berryman collaborating with them in the area of agent-based modelling,’’ he said.

‘’I came away with a very good impression of a place where there are enthusiastic and skilful researchers and staff.

‘’I also realised they were open to others and they had a supportive research culture.