Congratulations to Dr Linh Tran and all co-authors from microdosimetry team who received the very prestigious Farrington Daniels Award for best therapy physics paper published in Medical Physics during CY 2018.

The award demonstrates the outstanding level of research and professional standing of the members of our Centre for Medical and Radiation Physics team (CMRP), led by Distinguished Professor Anatoly Rozenfeld, and especially in the field of a particle therapy and microdosimetry.

The paper entilted “The relative biological effectiveness for carbon, nitrogen and oxygen ion beams using passive and scanning techniques evaluated with fully 3D silicon microdosimeters” was co-authored by Linh T. Tran, David Bolst, Susanna Guatelli, Alex Pogossov, Marco Petasecca, Michael L. F. Lerch, Lachlan Chartier, Dale A. Prokopovich and Mark I. ReinhardVladimir L. Perevertaylo, Naruhiro MatsufujiTatsuaki KanaiMichael JacksonAnatoly B. Rosenfeld, Med.Phys,45(5),2299-2308, 2018