This is a guest post and part of our ongoing Student Life series
I recently attended the International Conference on Offshore and Polar Engineering in Rhodes, Greece and presented a paper titled “Numerical Analysis of a Water Column and Structure Heave Velocity Relationship for a Floating Oscillating Water Column Wave Energy Device”. This conference was run from June 26 to July 1 with over 600 research papers presented. This conference covered nearly every corner of offshore engineering with a large focus on renewable energy systems. A mixture of people attended the conference from industry and academia.

The conference was a great experience. I was able to gain valuable feedback on my research, meet people from all over the world with similar research interests, and also learn about exciting innovative designs for offshore energy capture. Two presentations stood out to me. The first was the discussion of nonlinear effects in offshore engineering. This presentation discussed third order wave effects not often considered in design. The second paper detailed a new device that combined an innovative uranium harvesting system into a fixed offshore wind turbine.