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CME Seminar Series

June 6, 2019 @ 12:45 pm - 1:45 pm


Professor T G Sitharam
Director (Designate), IIT Guwahati, India
Senior Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India


Coastal Reservoirs to meet SDG Goals


The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity. Many of these goals are interconnected and clean water is critical to survival and its absence can impact the health, food security and livelihoods. Every year millions of people, most of them children, die from diseases associated with inadequate water supply, sanitation, and hygiene. The various measures which are being taken to overcome the water shortage crisis around the world include use of groundwater, formation of inland reservoir, seawater desalination, water diversion, wastewater reuse, rain water harvesting, etc. However, all these techniques have their own disadvantages. Also, the water supply source of inland reservoir relies on rainfall. Besides, a location of inland reservoir is difficult to be sited, as the construction of inland reservoir requires a correct combination of topography, hydrology and geology. Building of these inland reservoirs also requires migration of people residing in that area or changes the local ecological environment which is against the interest of the people along with displacement of towns and villages. Thus, the currently available water solutions are unable to satisfy people’s increasing need for water. As far as rainwater is concerned, one area receives too much rain in the wet season thereby causing floods and excess rainwater discharge into the sea, while receiving a shortage of rain fall in dry season. Hence, the solution lies in utilizing or conserving the abundant monsoon water which runs off to the ocean close to the coast itself using coastal reservoirs. In this talk, the new emerging concept of storing floodwater in the sea closed to shoreline is presented with international case studies of coastal reservoirs from many countries like China, Singapore, Hong Kong, The Netherlands, India and Japan, etc.

Speaker Bio

Prof. T.G.Sitharam is a Senior Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India. He was formerly a Chair professor in the area of Energy and Mechanical Sciences at Indian Institute of Science (IISc), a premier research and education Institute in India. He is the founder President of International Association for Coastal Reservoir Research (IACRR). He was former founder Chairman of a Centre for Infrastructure, Sustainable Transport and Urban Planning (CiSTUP) at IISc, Bengaluru. He is Director (Designate), IIT Guwahati and Chairman, research Council, CSIR-Central Building Research Institute (CBRI), Roorkee. President, Indian Society for Earthquake Technology (ISET), Roorkee. He is presently the Chairman, AICTE South western zonal committee, Regional office at Bengaluru. He was vice president of Indian Society for Earthquake Technology (ISET) and Vice president of Indian Society of Earthquake Science (ISES).
He had completed his Bachelors in Civil Engineering in India, Masters in Civil Engineering from Indian Institute of Science, India (in 1986) and Ph.D. in Civil Engineering from University of Waterloo, Waterloo, ON, Canada (1991). Over the last 35 years, he has carried research and development extensively in the area of geotechnical and infrastructure engineering, developed innovative technologies in the area of fracturing and geotechnical applications, leading to about 500 technical papers, 12 books with an H-index of 38 and I-10 index 100 with >4300 citations. He has 5 patents, more than 120 consulting projects and 2 start-up companies. He is responsible for designing, restoration and expansion of several earth dams for raw water ponds, tailing ponds, ash ponds and red mud ponds. He has guided 30 Ph.D. candidates at IISc and 30 Masters Students and trained several postdoctoral and several thousand industry professionals and teachers through continuing education workshops. He is the chief editor of international journal of Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering, (IJGEE), PA, USA. in his areas of research. He is the Editor-in-chief, Springer Transactions in Civil and Environmental Engg series, Singapore. He has received many awards and credits. He has served as visiting professor in many countries such as Japan, Hong Kong, Canada and USA. He is also fellow of many societies and actively engaged in socially relevant projects.


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