On Wednesday 26th August 2020, Dr Emma Heffernan and Paul Zulli were panellists who presented at a Webinar hosted by Engineers Australia, Quality in Engineering Panel Sydney Division. The presentation was focused on Loadbearing Cold-Formed Steel in Mid-Rise Apartment Buildings.

Over the last decade, the increasing urban population of Australia has led to growth in the construction of mid-rise apartments. In situ reinforced concrete has been the prevalent construction system for these buildings. However, in recent years, cases of the apartment buildings have highlighted issues of safety and quality. This webinar will present on the potential for the use of an alternative construction system for mid-rise apartments – loadbearing cold formed steel. Findings from research conducted at the University of Wollongong within the ARC’s Steel Research Hub (SRH) will be presented. The webinar will focus on considerations of sustainability and design efficiency in mid-rise apartment buildings using loadbearing cold formed steel.

Emma, who worked on the SRH project at the Sustainable Buildings Research Centre, is now a Senior Lecturer in Architectural Engineering at the University of Wollongong in the School of Civil, Mining and Environmental Engineering.  An architect with over a decade of experience in a UK architectural practice, Emma’s research interests include a circular economy in construction, energy efficient design in residential buildings, and sustainable construction. Paul is the SRH director.