Kimberley Abbott, Engineering Innovation Lead, Thales UK, BE (Mech)


For someone still in their 20s, Kimberley Abbott’s resume is already impressive. At university in Wollongong she helped develop an artificial heart, co-founded and ran the Yes WE can! women in engineering program, and founded and was CEO of Roka, an award-winning social enterprise developed to break the cycle of poverty in rural India through economic empowerment of women and education.

Currently at Thales UK, she is responsible for directing digital technology projects from concept to design and on to market.

Abbott was the Team Lead for product development, strategy and business commercialisation of a digital civil unmanned aircraft system (UAS) operations software platform. She took the project from an initial high level strategy and value proposition through to a validated proof of concept.This required working across a spectrum of activity including user-centred design, working with operators and enterprise customers in understanding their needs, developing a technical architecture and build concept (using Amazon Web Services) as well as business model and market analysis.

This project was managed as a three-month SPRINT, with a focus on go-no-go at the final stage. She influenced key business stakeholders within the UK, French and Research and Technology parts of the business, helping to develop the ongoing plan, strategy and approach to turning it into a business winning opportunity. It is now positioned to become a new product line in a new market for Thales.