The Global Challenges PhD Travel Scholarships are a unique opportunity for UOW higher research students to travel to a destination of their choice to support their research.

This year, 11 applicants were awarded travel scholarships, at a value of $2000 each, enabling them to travel to conferences, fieldwork and research exchanges to further their research.

Each applicant produced a two-minute video explaining the ‘big picture’ of how their research is working to address global issues.

As a requirement, each also had to address one of the Global Challenges areas; Building Resilient Communities, Living Well Longer, Making Future Industries and Sustaining Coastal and Marine Zones.

This year, the research put forward by successful applicants varied, addressing topics like access clean water, reducing global antibiotic use, improving cancer treatments, adapting stroke rehabilitation and the future of AI in smart cities.

Arbab Tufail, from the Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences addressed Sustaining Coastal and Marine Zones through her research on the removal of emerging pollutants such as pharmaceuticals from wastewater.

Current water treatments cannot remove these emerging pollutants, meaning they are transferred into our drinking water. Globally, 1.2 billion people do not have access to clean water, which can result in illness and death.

Arbab’s research is developing a sustainable and cost-effective solution to the global water challenge, by using a membrane filter and ultraviolet radiations to remove all pollutants from the water system.

Congratulations to all of the winners, who can be seen below. Global Challenges is excited to see where your research can take you.

Winners from the Faculty of EIS are:

Global Water Challenge and its solution
Arbab Tufail (EIS)
Supervisor: Associate Professor Faisal Hai

Improving our treatment of brain cancer
Sarah Vogel (EIS)
Supervisor: Dr Moeava Tehei

Using emerging technologies for improvement of rail tracks.
Anees Siddiqui (EIS)
Supervisor: Distinguished Professor Buddhima Indraratna

Adaptive Stroke Rehabilitation.
Maryam Butt (EIS)
Supervisor: Associate Professor Golshah Naghdy

Smart cities and the Ai industry motivated by novel microphone arrays.
Jiahong Zhao (EIS)
Supervisor: Professor Christian Ritz

Story by Emma Kucelj. Originally posted here.