Dr Sean Wilkinson has arrived at SMART from the UK with the intention of setting up a long-term partnership.

His speciality is ‘consequence forecasting’ where he has developed a model to take high resolution weather forecasts and translate them into potential damage to infrastructure and the subsequent consequences for communities.

Working with SMART director Professor Pascal Perez and and Dr Ashish Agalgaonkar from the School of Electrical Engineering, Dr Wilkinson is looking at the effect of weather events on electricity networks.

‘SMART has done some really clever work in terms of modelling cities understanding and modelling community behaviours,’ Dr Wilkinson said.

‘We can combine that with our modelling, where the idea is to manage the infrastructure we have got by identifying the high risk areas before a storm, so we can better muster resources to repair things.’

Dr Wilkinson is a Reader in the School of Engineering at Newcastle University in the UK.

He arrived at SMART this month and will stay until the end of October.