Dr Pascal Perez, Research Director at SMART Infrastructure Facility, joined a team of seventeen renowned international researchers to interact with attendees of LabEx DynamiTe’s first Summer School. This Summer School was titled, Spatial Structures and Dynamics: Methods and Tools for exploring Spatial Systems.

Held over a week from 14th to 19th July 2014, in Florence (Italy), the diverse scientific program offered the 35 student participants, from France and around the world, the opportunity to participate in conferences and tutorials relating to the exploration of spatial systems.

Dr Perez conducted a tutorial on ‘Companion Modelling’, in conjunction with Anne Dray (Research Associate at ETH Zurich), with whom he has collaborated on a number of publications.

According to their website, “launched in April 2012, the Cluster of Excellence Territorial and Spatial Dynamics, known in French as LabEx DynamiTe, focuses on the effects of globalization on space and societies, as well as issues related to sustainable development and global change.”

Visit the LabEx DynamiTe news article to learn more about the Summer School. ‘LabEx DynamiTe Summer School 2014’, a video showcasing the event, is also available to view via YouTube.