The annual International Network for Social Network Analysis Sunbelt Conference took place 18–23 June 2019 in Montreal. For his contributions to methodology for social network modelling—including pioneering work in dynamic network models, networks with weighted relations, understanding effects of network size, and inference from nonstandard network data—and for his contributions to the community by developing user-friendly software tools and teaching workshops, Dr Krivitsky received the Freeman Award, given biennially or annually to an early- or mid-career researcher for eminent contributions to the study of social networks. He will give a plenary session at the 2020 conference in Paris.

For their development of the Statnet, a suite of user-friendly R packages for describing, visualising, and statistically modelling network data, Profs Mark Handcock (UCLA), Martina Morris, Steven Goodreau (University of Washington), David Hunter (Penn State University), Dr Pavel Krivitsky (University of Wollongong), and Mr Skye Bender-deMoll received the biennial Richards Award for social network analysis software.