Dr Carole Adam is visiting SMART for a month, and is eager to talk to academics and researchers about possible collaboration.

Visiting from the University of Grenoble in France, Dr Adam specialises in human behaviour modelling, applied in agent-based simulation and modelling for crisis management.

She is interested in what factors dictate human behaviour in crises such as bush fires around Melbourne or flooding on the Atlantic coast of France.

‘It can be anywhere,’ she says.

Her research looks at populations and evaluates the effects of factors such as social attachment, trust in others, cognitive biases and emotional differences, and how they inform behaviour in a natural disaster.

She was invited to SMART after meeting facility director Professor Pascal Perez at a conference.

‘I am interested in speaking to people about their research, and sharing what I am doing,’ she said.

‘Maybe we could do some joint papers or projects.’

Dr Adam can be found in room 206 at the SMART Infrastructure Facility.