An AMP Amplify competition could see $5000 in award money contributed towards SMART Infrastructure Facility’s virtual reality risk training research.

PhD candidate Shiva Pedram is participating in the AMP Amplify Bright Sparks Program, which helps to develop participants’ ability to communicate and engage with a range of audiences to share their stories, and the relevance of their work.

Ms Pedram’s competition submission, ‘All workers should get back home’, proposes further exploration of the frameworks developed through SMART’s 2014 partnership with leading virtual reality training solutions company, Coal Services Pty Ltd.

The project aims to improve upon the existing risk management training, and diversify the areas it is implemented, including introduction to the aviation and rail transport industries.

One requirement of the Bright Sparks Program is that participants must create a crowdfunding campaign, calling for pledges to support their project. AMP awarded $1000 to each participant for launching their campaign. The Pitch Night, where research ideas are presented to an audience of industry professionals, utilises the crowdfunding campaigns as an avenue for audience members to support the projects they were interested in. Ms Pedram has set a crowdfunding goal of $4000; if pledges total this amount, SMART Infrastructure Facility will receive the pledges, to contribute to the research.

To learn more about Ms Pedram’s campaign, visit her Pozible page.