Congratulations to the winners of the SECTE Advisory Committee Prizes held recently on the 3rd of November. Each year, the committee awards significant financial prizes in recognition of the three best final year undergraduate Honours Theses in ECTE458 (first, second and third places). This completion was held on the closing session of the SECTE Thesis presentation seminars.

In order of the final awards we have;

First – Thomas Evison, “The Design, Development and Control of a Motorised Elbow Exoskeleton for Introducing Perturbations as a Biomedical Research Tool”

Second – Shannon Peace, “Analysing Solar Performance for improved Fault Detection and Maintenance Operations”

Third – Luke McDonald, “Image Normalisation for Visual Recognition under Strong Projective Distortions”

Featured in the image are the winning students (from 2nd left), Luke McDonald, Thomas Evison and  Shannon Peace, flanked by members of the Engineering External Advisory Committee, on the right Greg Klamus and Gary Kennedy, and from the left Peter Gray.