This is a guest post and part of our ongoing Student Life series
I attended in Security and Cryptography for Networks 2016. The conference was in Amalfi, Italy. It is a beautiful city in Southern Italy.

Conference was very well organised. I have met many famous researchers in my fields. In particular, it was nice to see Nuttapong Attrapadung and Chirs Peikert who are well-known in cryptography. I presented my topic which is related predicate encryption in bilinear maps. However, through the conference, I felt that the cryptographic community moves to bilinear maps to Lattice or Integer based problems to provide more long-term security. Also, I can realise that the application of cryptography extends more on multi-party or outsourced computations than traditional public key infrastructures. These trends might be oriented from a real applications such as Internet Of Things (IoT) and Cloud computing. One of the most interesting talks is from two-party computations, the presenter introduced an algorithms that satellite systems avoids collusion using two party computations (and adjust their routes using the results of computations) but without revealing any sensitive information.


Through the conference, I would get an insight for my future study and a chance to intimate with the other researchers. I am thankful to UOW to support my travel.