During 14-16 September 2016, PSD2016 (Privacy in Statistical Databases 2016) conference was held in Dubrovnik, Croatia. During the Conference NIASRA PhD student Yue Ma presented a paper “A New Algorithm for Protecting Aggregate Business Microdata via a Remote System” jointly authored with his supervisor Yan-Xia Lin, and James Chipperfield, John Newman and Victoria Leaver from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). This is a joint research project between NIASRA and ABS. The paper discusses a new algorithm that helps remote systems to release aggregate business microdata in a more efficient way compared with another algorithm recently developed by Gwenda Thompson et al. (2013). The ideas presented in the paper were discussed during the conference, and useful feedback was given by other researchers. James and Gwenda are PhD graduates of NIASRA at UOW and Victoria is current undertaking a PhD under the supervision of Robert Clark at NIASRA.

PSD is a European-based conference held every two years. The Chair of the conference is Josep Domingo-Ferrer from Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Catalonia, who is one of the world’s outstanding scholars in data privacy. The aim of the conference is for researchers to present their most recent results on data privacy and gather ideas from other researchers with different backgrounds and knowledge.

This year the conference was hosted by the University of Dubrovnik, and the venue was at the Conference Hall of the University. The conference was attended by scholars and statisticians worldwide, including world-leading researchers such as Krish Muralidhar, Yu-Xiang Wang, Anna Oganian as well as officers from Statistical Bureaus such as Sarah Giessing from Federal Statistical Office of Germany and Kiyomi Shirakawa from National Statistics Center of Japan.

Many research papers were submitted to the conference. Only 23 refereed papers were accepted and presented at the conference. The topics cover the most recent developments on data privacy control such as the method of producing synthetic data developed by the National Statistics Center of Japan, new findings on the applicability of record-linkage techniques on different microdata, etc.

All the accepted papers are collected and published by Springer in Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Volume 9867, 2016 (LNC9867). Previous PSD proceedings can be found from LNCS 8744, LNCS 7556, LNCS 6344, LNCS 5262, LNCS 4302 and LNCS 3050.