This is a guest post and part of our ongoing Student Life series
As part of my Bachelor of Information Technology degree I had the opportunity to travel to Malaysia and complete my industry placement working for four weeks with MIMOS, Malaysia’s National Research and Development Centre in ICT. Working with an overseas organisation was truly valuable to my studies, and I was involved in spearheading a project to develop a concept system which implemented low latency messaging technologies. The project was both engaging and challenging, and encouraged everyone in my team to work hard and do our best. By the end of the trip, my team had nailed the early stages of system development, analysing business requirements as well as designing and developing a prototype Android application and backend web application.

Working with an overseas organisation was truly valuable to my studies

Travelling to Malaysia was a fantastic opportunity full of experiences and moments I will never forget. The highlight of this trip was the cultural experience; the cuisine, work, and lifestyle which were all very different to what I experience in Australia. It was a fantastic opportunity to come out of my natural pattern, eat new foods, and experience how workforce attitudes are influenced by culture.

By the end of the trip I knew I would miss the place. There was so much food you could eat for months without having the same thing twice. The people were all so friendly and the cabs were cheap (as it was often too hot to even walk down the road). Now that I am back in Australia I can truly appreciate the knowledge I’ve gathered and put it to good use in my studies and future career.