CogniCity, a geosocial intelligence framework developed at SMART Infrastructure Facility (SMART), has been demonstrated and explained in a new video produced by the London-based Open Data Institute (ODI).

Announced in April this year, the ODI awarded SMART’s project one of their highly sought-after Showcase grants, which are aimed at supporting projects that demonstrate how open data can be used to bring longstanding benefits to individuals, organisations and society.

The video was officially launched at SMART in July 2016, and the final version has now been released.

At the time of the launch, Dr Tomas Holderness, Co-Chief Investigator of the project said, “[This award] is great recognition of our research and our innovative use of open data for solving real-world engineering challenges.”

“This could be a template for cities around the world, helping them to become more resilient to extreme weather events, so explaining how the system works and why open data is key is really important,” he explained.

This video has come at an exciting stage in the lifecycle of CogniCity, with a number of new projects in the pipeline for 2017.