CBB invites you to attend a series of presentations from summer scholarship students.

TIME: 9:00- 11:30

The CBB scholars were employed on the Bioinformatics and Biometrics for the Australian Grain Industries (BBAG) project funded by the Grains Research and Development Corporation. The project they were involved in is the National Variety Trials (NVT).

NVT is a comparative variety testing program where near-to-release and released varieties are evaluated across the Australian grain belt with a view to providing information to growers about which varieties perform best in their local environment.

Each year ~700 trials are sown for 11 crops at ~200 locations. The trials are sown in April-June and harvested in Oct-Jan. BBAGI are contracted to perform single site analyses within 8 days of the trial being harvested and subsequently multi-year multi-environment analyses. The CBB Summer Scholars were employed to assist with the single site analyses and succeeded in analysing the majority of trials in 1-2 days, well within the 8 day requirement. They also undertook a small research project selected from a list of projects developed by Professor Brian Cullis and Associate Professor Alison Smith. All projects address statistical issues that are faced in NVT/BBAGI analyses. Thus, the students have an opportunity to directly contribute to improving statistical methodology for the grains sectors.

The students and topics of the presentations are:

Monique Jordan: Fitting nugget effects for comparative experiments in the NVT system.

Nicholas Lambert: Understanding yield-density relationships.

Sam McEwan: The construction of efficient latinised designs for NVT experiments.

Jesse Rand: Computationally efficient implementation of factor analytic linear mixed models for
genomic selection.

Matthew Sainsbury-Dale: Some key properties of the best linear unbiased predictor of the residual vector in linear and linear mixed models.

Lu Wang: Examining the properties of G-level BLUPs in the general linear mixed model.

There will be a small award ceremony at the end of the presentation.
Hope to see you there.