Romanian Nuclear Physicist, Dr Catalina Curceanu, has captured the imagination of year nine students at Bulli High in a presentation about the history of the universe during Science Week.

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Dr Curceanu Bio
Dr Curceanu was born in Transilvania (Romania), close to the Dracula castle. She graduated in physics with the highest qualification in Bucharest and obtained her PhD Summa cum Laude in experimental particle and nuclear physics within the OBELIX experiment at CERN (Geneva). Since 1992 she has lived and worked in Italy at the National Institute of Nuclear Physics, Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati, LNF-INFN. She leads a research team performing nuclear and fundamental physics experiments on the DAΦNE collider at Frascati and at the underground laboratory of Gran Sasso. Her team also participates in experiments performed at CERN (Geneva) and in Japan (J-PARC).