Forming technology is playing an important role in economic production of large scale manufacturing that requires high levels of accuracy.

Over the past decade increasing efforts have been dedicated to investigating the forming behaviour of thin metal foils due to the ongoing miniaturisation especially in the electronics industry. Here, metal foils are mainly being used for micro-electro-mechanical systems and electronic components (e.g. lead frames).

A paper entitled “Frictional Size Effect of Light-weight Mg-Li Alloy in Micro Deep Drawing under Nano-particle Lubrication Condition” authored by Hamidreza Kamali, Haibo Xie, Hongyang Zhao, Fanghui Jia, Hui Wu and Zhengyi Jiang was presented by Haibo Xie at the 12th Asian Workshop on Micro / Nano Forming Technology (AWMFT2019).

After the conference, the panel members of the conference undertook a rigorous review and selection process for the best papers, awarding the Best Paper prize to Haibo’s presentation.

The workshop provided a chance for UOW staff to meet with academics, researchers, and engineers from around the world and exchange information on all aspects of micro/nano forming technology and learn about new technology developments.