This is a guest post and part of our ongoing Student Life series

The University of Wollongong generously supported me to attend and present my PhD research paper at the Australasian Universities Power Engineering Conference 2017 (AUPEC 2017) 21-23 November 2017, in Melbourne.  The conference was very informative and highly valuable to my current research project – Harmonic Allocations to Major Load in Transmission Systems. I have been able to network with other likeminded PhD students and take away valuable and relevant information that were presented by many other PhD candidatures.

This conference has highlighted and presented many new challenges and exciting opportunities that currently exist in the Power Engineering field in Australia – Renewable Energy.  They include Distributed Energy Resources e.g. Solar and Wind Generation, Power Quality (harmonics and unbalance voltages) and microgrid technology etc. My research topic and the paper that I presented fit in perfectly well with these challenges and opportunities.  My major research contribution is to develop a more Robust, Practical and Equitable Harmonic Allocation methodologies to allocate harmonics to major loads such as Win Farms or Solar Farms that are connected to the Transmission Systems.

Finally, I also had a chance to meet and discuss with my supervisor Associate Professor Duane Robinson, Professor Sarath Perera and other Wollongong PhD Candidatures.  The Gala dinner was relaxing and enjoyable.  AUPEC 2017 has been a very beneficial conference for me and I kindly thank the University of Wollongong for generously supporting me to attend AUPEC 2017.