This is a guest post and part of our ongoing Student Life series

Recently I attended a conference named “9th World Congress of The Bachelier Finance Society” held in New York. This is a great conference in the area of financial mathematics, where I was able to not only practise my oral presentation, but also learn some knowledge and skills related to my research area. Moreover, I was also led into some new research topics and learned about the advanced content, which can certainly inspire my idea and prompt my future research. It should also be noticed that the conference has attracted a number of well-known also provided an opportunity for me to establish potential relationship with those academic researchers in a similar field of research,
and this is certainly beneficial for my career development.

Among all the talks I attended, I was mostly impressed by the one given by Professor Wim Schoutens, who introduced a brand new quantitative finance theory that abandons the law of one-price and is incorporating bid and ask pricing in a fundamental way bid and ask pricing. In particular, the concept of acceptable risks is critical to the foundations of this particular two-price theory, which is consistent with the fact that completely eliminating risk is impossible in financial markets. I am very interested in this theory and it is one potential area that I can work on in the future.