UOW’s Global Challenges Program is a strategic research initiative that is focused on transformative interdisciplinary research that touches people’s lives and changes worlds. This program is designed to harness the expertise of world-class researchers to address complex, real-world problems – to transform lives and regions.

Global Challenges Program has officially announced the outcome of 2018 funding round in the and we are very pleased to announce that two members of the Steel Research Hub Aziz Ahmed and Dan Yang were successful in the 2018 Funding.

Innovative connections in CFS construction: Feasibility study
Aziz Ahmed (EIS), Lip Teh (EIS), Tillman Boehme (BUS), Alberto Escribano (BUS), Vinod Gopaldasani (SOC), Leanne Treadwell (SOC).

Protective Wear Resistant and Antibacterial Coating for Teeth
Dan Yang (AIIM), Paul Molino (AIIM), Michael Higgins (AIIM), Susan McInnes (SMAH), Bushra Khan (SOC), Martina Sanderson-Smith (SMAH).

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Dr Aziz Ahmed

PhD Student Dan Yang