The inaugural 2015 Engineering Materials Research Strength (EMRS) Workshop was held on 13 February 2015. It was a great opportunity for our researchers to showcase their work to a wider audience. Excellent presentations were made on a diverse range of topics, from the mechanical properties of titanium alloys to new fundamental understandings of continuous casting in steel. (A full list of the presentation topics are given below).

A prize was given to PhD student Hamed Abdeyazdan for his excellent presentation on Modelling of Dynamic Wetting Behaviour of Liquid Oxides on Spinels and Alumina. EMRS Director Prof. Brian Monaghan giving Hamed Abdeyazdan his award for best presentation.





Full list of Presentation Topics

Brian Monaghan | Welcome

Buraq Al-Mosawi  | Advanced Al-based and Cu-based Metal Matrix Nanocomposites: Synthesis and Properties

Parvez Mannan | Effect of processing parameters and Nb addition on dynamic recrystallisation of Ni-30Fe-C model alloys

Liang Hao | Effect of extreme pressure agent on sticking defect of stainless steel strips.

Hamed Abdeyazdan Modelling of Dynamic Wetting Behaviour of Liquid Oxides on Spinels and Alumina

Lisa Thonnessen Alpha-Phase Precipitation in Near-Beta Titanium Alloys

Erhuvwu Joseph Oghenevweta | Mechanism of Early Stages of Phase Formation During Mechanically-Induced Reactions of Ti-C, TiB and Ti-N by Controlled Ball Milling

Oluwatosin A. Aladejebi (Tosin) | Effect of Iron Bearing Minerals on Coke analogue Structure

Suk-Chun Moon | The peritectic phase transition and continuous casting practice

Dr Jingwei Zhao | An idea of developing water-based lubricant for steel hot rolling

Dr Mansur Ahmed | The influence of beta phase stability on deformation mode and compressive mechanical properties of Ti-10V-3Fe-3Al alloy