I have participated and presented two papers at the 10th International Conferences on Signal Processing and Communication Systems (ICSPCS’2016) which was held for the period between 19-21 of December 2016. The conference consisted of many sessions into the development of the communication theory, the wireless communication, signal processing for multimedia, network and data security, implementations and algorithms, and posters demonstrations. My papers were presented in two sessions, one was for the signal processing for multimedia and the other paper was presented as a poster. The signal processing for the multimedia session was related to my research area which is dealt with the development of a nearly lossless image compression for capsule endoscopy. After presenting my papers I was able to obtain very good feedback and questions which will influence my ideas toward better research quality. One of the audiences was very inspired by my research idea and encouraged me to think about the commercial side and plan a timeline to get my presented system to be commercialised.

1- A nearly lossless compression system for Bayer pattern images of a capsule endoscopy
2- Research Considerations for Improving Capsule Endoscopy Technology
Qasim Al-shebani, Prashan Dissanayake Mudiyanselage and Peter J Vial